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Our paintings honour the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi. To us, Wabi-Sabi accentuates originality, appreciates both the flourishing and withering of life and objects alike, and celebrates imperfections that make us human and unique. The element of modern minimalism and "imperfect, yet perfectly beautiful" within this philosophy underpins all of our work. 


As artists-of-colour, we believe in art that is inclusive and positive. We want to share our art exclusively through platforms such as General Public, rooted in the belief that art shouldn't only belong to the privileged few. In my young student years living in Paris, I could not afford to visit museums and galleries as often as I had hoped to. Hence, it has always been our hope to play a part in increasing the accessibility of art, and to lead the uprise of incorporating Wabi-Sabi into contemporary artpieces. 



Title: Shu

Materials: acrylic, liquid foundation 

Size: Scalable

Description: Shu comes from "Mixed Elements," a series of work that depicts the interplay between people and five natural elements: wood, earth, water, fire and metal. An unique aspect within all of the paintings is the use of foundation colors to symbolize "flesh and being". 


In this painting, the shape of a fetus is seen as the central core of the age rings of a tree. Imperfectly shaped and at times disrupted, distorted, each ring layers more interest and character. The painting symbolizes growth and experiences in life. 


Title: Ride the Waves

Materials: acrylic, liquid foundation 

Size: Scalable

Description: Ride the Waves was our first design from the series "Mixed Elements." In this work, the artists' goal is to illustrate life's ever-changing circumstances through wave-like patterns.


Using the first letter of each color used, the artists spell out the words "warm", "cold", and "myself" as a tribute to the Zen proverb, "Only oneself who drinks the water knows whether it was cold or warm." The artists hope to convey a message of levity and lightness in facing life's unpredictability.


Title: Metamorphosis  

Materials: acrylic, liquid foundation 

Size: Scalable

Description: Metamorphosis also comes from the series "Mixed Elements." An unique aspect of the painting is the use of foundation colors to symbolize "flesh and being". 

This painting depicts the side profile of a pregnant woman pre, during, and post trimesters. The artists' goal is to celebrate the miraculousness of pregnancy and birth.  


Title: The Sentenced

Materials: acrylic, liquid foundation 

Size: Scalable 

Description: As artists-of-color, we want to recognize the hardships of discrimination, racism and inequality on society's progress and advancement. We are painting our prayers for a world that supports diversity, inclusion and respect for every colour and kind.

In this work, the first letters of each colour used spell the words,"Extinct Racism Now." Linear colours create a "jailed" effect on the shadow of a man, screaming yet silenced.

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