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A B O U T  U S

Printable Minds creates paintings and wooden art rooted in the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. 

We believe in the beauty of accenting life's imperfections and impermanency, and have focused our works to depict Asian philosophies and proverbs through a modern, abstract lense. In addition to using oil and acrylic paint, we use liquid foundation in select works as a symbol of "flesh and being". Through our work, we hope to convey a message of calmness, connection to nature, and inspiration to live abundantly in an imperfect world. 

With degrees in engineering, finance and business law, we have long searched for a meditational art that allowed us to complement our knowledge of facts with our passion for Wabi-Sabi. Some of our earlier works were seen within the Royal Alberta Museum, the Calgary Downtown Public Library, Vancouver Public Library, among others. 

We invite you to view and enjoy our work, and join us in the creative process.


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