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Urban Cities Collection

We believe maps tell never-ending stories about a community. They encapsulate where we live, how we move, and depict the natural habitats and urban infrastructures that form a city's bloodstreams. 

Sketching line by line, we have created a signature line of maps that incorporate creative elements and symbols that speak to each city's uniqueness, while respecting the truthfulness of the maps. 

Finally, maps we will gladly get lost in..


Mixed Elements Collection

Mixed Elements is a series of work that embodies an interplay of the five natural elements: wood, earth, water, fire and metal. Each of the artpieces within this series features at least two natural elements in dialogue.

At times, a dance of stars that joins all constellations in an upcurve; and in others, an age-old symbol for good luck.. this is an thought-provoking collection we are proud to share.

Urban Cities
Mixed Elements
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